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Wanna work at a cool company?

Do you know that an architect is perfect for game developing? Have you heard that machine learning companies crave for copywriters? Do you want to work in an agile environment, where your opinion matters? Then, companies with startup mindset are the answer. 

Talent Miner gives you access to the most unique and interesting tech and startup jobs you have ever imagined. Be part of the biggest technology talent pool!

Why Talent Miner

Soft Skills

Problem-solving, teamwork, creative thinking and more skills for your CV.


Forget the classroom. Learn cutting-edge technologies tailored to the market needs.

Carreer Paths

Have access on the coolest and most unexpected jobs and apply for the perfect one.


Find people that share common values and grow your network.

HR Talks at StartupsOnline

We bring to Startups Online the best startups and tech companies to talk about the future of work. How they choose their people, what they are looking for, open job positions and why it is cool to work with them.


Is a candidate a perfect fit for your team? Interactive workshops give you the chance to find the answer.

They attract more talented people and help them reveal their spirit and way of thinking. They give the opportunity to your team to present their mindset and expertise on your company’s technology.


Find the newest trends in technology from the source. We bring to you the most innovative and interactive workshops. Upgrade your skills, build your CV and grow your network.


NBG Business Seeds
11th round
Out of 264 initiatives from all over Greece, Talent Miner successfully reached the top 20, being one of the most innovative and creative ideas for 2021. Participating in NBG Business Seeds 11th round of Innovation and Technology, Talent Miner, proved the market need and value to the startup ecosystem.
Top 25
Talent Miner has reached the round of best 25 ideas in the MEDSt@rts, the Achaea Chamber Initiative that aims to support local entrepreneurship. Being in the top tier of the competition, Talent Miner has validated its potential, ensuring business viability.