POS4work is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub with an international outreach that provides business development programs, entrepreneurial training, and networking opportunities.



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From Lab to Market

Do you wanna change the world with your top-class research? Then, POS4work is the perfect place to turn to.

Proof of Concepts, MVP & Pilots

Get your proposal tested and approved by large corporations, ensuring funding and viability.

Entrepreneurial training

Dive into the entrepreneurial ecosystem with state-of-the-art coaching and learning.

Sprint for Business Concept

Get your idea on the rails with intensive few-day fast prototyping and decision making.

Business Development

Elevate your business with profound and high-level entrepreneurial techniques and gain competitive advantage.

Funding and Investment Ready

Gain access to VCs and raise funds to escalate your activities and immerse into the investment concept.

IP Protection & Incorporation

Your ideas are safe with us! Get your idea patented and be unique in what you perfectly do! Our legal advisors are there for you.

What can we do for labs

POS4work supports and helps university labs commercialize their ideas and upscale their activities to an entrepreneurial level. Our team can assist you set up your business model, enter the market and protect your idea.

With a string of very specific and market-driven steps, we make sure your idea gets on track to become a successful future business model, with investment prospects.

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Lab participants
Incubated Lab ideas