POS4work is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub with an international outreach that provides business development programs, entrepreneurial training, and networking opportunities.



Gounari 69, Patras, Greece


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Corporate Innovation

Our multi day events lead to corporate innovation through creative ideas generation.

Through design sprint-events with the support of tech companies, we promote competitive advantages.

With our services, communication and networking with institutions, labs and startups becomes simple.

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POS4work in a nutshell

At POS4work, we believe it comes down to the people, not the idea. Through designing and promoting innovative solutions, we develop the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem. By connecting large corporations and researchers with startups, we create new job opportunities and evolve the entrepreneurial culture.

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We give voice to the startup ecosystem!

With our monthly event, Startups Online, we aim to promote and enhance the Greek Startup Ecosystem. We build a community that shares the same objectives, welcomes everybody, and is always ready to help by exchanging ideas and spreading the innovation knowledge.

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We have excelled in 100+ Projects!

Emilia Clarke
Innovation Challenges
Over the past 3 years, we have organized more than 20 Innovation Challenge events. With more than 1000 participants (researchers, graduates and talented young people) and under the support of entrepreneurial giants, great ideas have been born.
Emilia Clarke
RE-STARTUP Incubator
For three straight years, POS4work has organized the Incubator program of University of Patras, with flying colors. Partnering with renowned corporations, we drive the participating teams to solve real-world problems.
Emilia Clarke
Codecamp is a reference point in Patras’s community. With its free and open seminars about coding, game development, machine learning, IoT, VR & AR and blockchain, Codecamp aims to provide the young generations with much-needed modern skills.
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