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Patra is a blue ocean of Talent. ​We can give you access!

We help you find the best candidates to ​hire, the best startups to invest and the ​most innovative solvers in our vibrant ​tech community.

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POS4work Innovation Hub is an ​officially authorized Accelerator by the ​Hellenic Government in the Startup ​platform "Elevate Greece".

Corporate Innovation or Startups

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Build acceleration programs & ​Design Thinking workshops

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Build your next startup & ​commercialize your tech

Find and Hire Talent

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Hire effortless with Deel x ​POS4work partnership

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Scout the best students with ​our Hiring Workshops

Community is our ​Secret Souce

But why Patra?

Patra is a unique place.

For more than 10 years, Patras has a communist ​mayor.

Patra has no airport, no marina and no railway.

So, are we crazy for doing business here?

Patra produces technology!

Meta (Facebook) aquierd,

Applied Material (a Nasdaq multibillion) t is there a ​talent pool, or are these exits and success stories just ​the exception?

PwC, Delloitte, EY, Netsoft Intrasoft, Renesas, Citrix ​have


is our Super ​Power



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